Magic Modern Masters Draft-a-Thon – PART 2!! This time it’s Personal!

June 20, 2013

This is an all-day event! Modern Masters is the massively-anticipated reprint set that was underproduced. It's our goal to spread the proverbial love as much as possible, so we'll be drafting this set ALL DAY LONG...until I drop.

What: Modern Masters Draft-a-thon
When: ALL DAY Saturday, June 29, from store open until Huh
How Much: $30 PER draft
How does it work? It starts as a normal draft, but since this set is likely filled with hugely expensive cards there is NO Thieves' Auction at the end. If you want that card, you'd better draft it! Then the draft runs as single elimination for 3 rounds.

Prizes - Modern Masters packs!! First place gets 4 packs, second place gets 3, and 3/4 get 1 each.

These events are sanctioned.

This looks to be another crazy fun time!

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